Club Comment

“Tom!  Tom! Guess what!”  I was shouting hysterically trying not to pee myself in excitement.   

“I have been Freshly Pressed!  My post is featured on the Word Press homepage!”

I was jumping in circles.  This time I was waiting for the elusive genie to come high-five me.  As usual, he left me hanging.

I imagine my hysteria was similar to the women who end up on Oprah’s Favorite Things show but instead of cars and pants, it was Oprah shouting while pointing at me, “And you get a comment!”  

Words cannot express how flattered I am that not only my post Suburban Worries was Freshly Pressed but also how awesome all of the feedback has been.  I have received so many great comments; I would love more than anything to respond to each one of them – the stories and opinions you have shared are fantastic – but as we all know, that would take a lot of time.  So much time, that in the most extreme example I can think of, I would have to quit my job, move into a cardboard box and start writing about my newest home worries.  I imagine it involving a lot of fights with alley cats and shopping cart adventures.  But I digress. 

After a lot of thought, I have come up with a better way to acknowledge these comments.  Each week, I will have a post called Club Comment, where I will highlight and respond to excerpts of my favorite comments.  

Without further ado, here are some comments from this week: Continue reading