A Sweepstake Mistake

I have recently become obsessed with sweepstaking on the internet.  It’s fun, free and much like the lottery, lends itself to a lot of dreaming.  I don’t discriminate against prizes because what I’ve learned after reading the rules and regulations, most have a cash option in the fine print.  While I loved the last HGTV Green Home, I really have no desire to move to Georgia but after reading the fine print I learned there was a $400,000 cash option plus the car. Count. Me. In.

The sweepstakes don’t require a lot of information or time so it has been a fun, side hobby.  I stick to reputable companies, well at least ones I have heard of so that I always feel good about my entry.  After a few weeks, I haven’t seen any negative affects to my entries…until yesterday.

I was perusing Facebook looking at my friends’ pictures – it’s either babies or the wasted singles (there really is no in between).  Anyways, I looked to my right and an engagement ring sweepstakes caught my eye.  I was ecstatic.  I LOVE jewelry, specifically sparkly rings.  The last time I was promoted, I bought myself a ring as a reward.  Lately, I have also been obsessed with engagement rings.  I have been designing my own on Blue Nile to see what I like.  I admitted this obsession to Tom and let him know I will be an excellent resource when the time comes.  So, naturally, I instantly clicked on the ad, pleased with my latest find.

I had never heard of the company but the rings were pretty.  It was a standard sweepstakes form with the requirement to like the company on Facebook.  I hit “like” without hesitating and filled out the form with glee.  After reading further, I realized I was supposed to vote on one of the three rings.  The one with the highest vote is the ring that will be given away.  Again, without hesitation, I “liked” my favorite of the three.

As I was closing my browser, I saw a comment from my dad and then from my aunt.  Facebook had announced my “like” on that specific ring!  Oh shit.  I was on the instant defense.

I ran downstairs to warn Tom.  I could just imagine him reading the exchange.  I tell him all the time, there is no pressure.  And here I am, announcing to Facebook an engagement ring I like.  It sort of goes against my stance of not pressuring.  Luckily, he laughed and gave me a hug while telling me affectionately, “Oh Elyse, I will always feel pressured.”

I smiled a huge smile back and ran upstairs. I wanted to admire the ring one more time. I wasn’t just feeling lucky.  I am lucky.


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