Writer’s Block

Let me just say it.  We’re all thinking it.

Writer’s Block is a bitch.

Just when I think she is impossible to beat, a great idea comes to mind.  Or it seems like a good idea until she cuts me off midsentence.   Just like that, the bitch appears, taking away my thoughts.  She laughs in my face.  She taunts me with empty pages.  She hypnotizes me with a blinking cursor.   She distracts me.   She gives me terrible ideas to write posts about like Why clouds are awesome, especially if we could stand, jump, frolic and nap on them.

I curse her as I backspace, deleting my words in frustration.  I will not let her win.  I cannot let her win but I know she will be back.  And when she is I’ll be prepared for a word fight.

But there is still today.  Today, I win.   I overcame.  I wrote a post about her.

I’m watching you Writer’s Block.


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I find that I have awesome ideas to write about when I am furthest from my computer and it is at the most awkward times for me to write anything. Then when I return to my computer I can’t remember what I was going to write about.

  2. I think that some of those very idiosyncratic ideas would make great posts. I myself have been in a writing trance at the computer, staring at the keyboard and noticing certain well-worn letters, worrying about the off chance that someone may one day steal my computer and be able to ascertain my passwords from the worn keys. I feel this is a valid concern (in moments of unfounded paranoia), and maybe a good idea for a story of some type – some of the quirkiest ideas make the greatest stories 🙂

  3. ” My work keyboard and why the letters s, n, c, v, and f are the most worn. I don’t understand. Do I really use those the most?”

    That’s interesting, especially when E’s the most commonly used letter in the English language.

  4. Think about the dandelions this way: anything with a flower is not a weed. And I think when you have something you really want to write about, it will let you know, and you’ll post something Forever Awesome.

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