This is how I always feel the morning after...

Hangovers are the worst part about getting old.  I used to be so good at drinking.  It was the one thing I learned in college that I took with me well into my twenties.  I could hang with the best of them and bounce right back in the morning but not anymore.  Now, after I drink four beers, which is what I used to consider getting started, I wake up with a splitting headache.  I’m cursing you thirty.


14 thoughts on “Hangovers

  1. Still in mu college drinking phase i guess, right now it is more a sense of crossing over to the non-living part the next day… depending on how much you drink the night before, i feel like skipping the day of living, most of the time. Good to see that they actually get worse by time!

  2. Oh, I just had to chuckle at this post – yes, how well I remember when the drinking tolerance level all but disappeared, when my children just did not understand that mommy wasn’t feeling so well and needed to be left alone. Now I listen to my 27 year old daughter with the same complaint, how it takes her a whole day to recover from a night out – and I just smile 🙂

  3. The key is a stiff and spicy Bloody Mary in the morning. Unless of course you have to go to work. I miss the days I could party like a real rock star. *sigh*

  4. Tell me about it, I ONLY go to happy hour now because I cant stay up late. I wake up early no matter what. BUT, 32 is the new 22!!!!!

    • Make sure you’re not allergic/sensitive to the beer you are drinking. Also, few if any ppl think of their livers at a time like this. Check it .. see what the enzyme levels are and then drink accordingly. The liver is ALWAYS the last to express an opinion on your drinking style … 🙂 I’ve got Hep C – I know.

      • Yea definately not allergic. Just getting old, I cant sleep 12 hours after drinking like in my early 20’s. Sorry about the Hep C, that is rough…

  5. NOOOO !!! Im 29 and have an awesome tolerence to alcohol .. I better make the most of it now since it seems in 8 months time Im doomed 😦
    On a serious note , have you tried preservative free beer / wine ? I find it helps .. and a shite load of water during the night ;D
    Xx Kel

  6. I can’t even remember the last time I got hungover because me and all my frenemies (Jack, Jim, Jose, Remy, Morgan etc.) have all parted ways and now after (maybe) 2 glasses of Pinot or Moscato I’m tapping it in! Sigh…

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