Life of a Pinhead

I’ve always known I have a smaller than average head.  I challenge you to find an adult hat that fits my head properly.   I usually end up looking like a baby who’s Dad put his baseball hat on him for kicks.  The same goes for sunglasses.  In a low point of my teenage years, I was still buying children’s sunglasses.  It was a huge score when I found a style suitable for a sixteen year old.  Most of them were pink with rhinestones and princesses or the latest Disney stars.  I can’t tell you how stoked I was when big sunglasses came back in style.  I had unintentionally been wearing them for years.  

I never gave much thought about my small head outside of buying sunglasses.  I didn’t even bother with hats.   I was happy being ignorant of my small head until one day a woman ruined it for me.  Because of her, I didn’t wear dangly earrings for years; in fear they would make my head appear smaller.  She did a real job on me.  And yet, it’s one of my favorite stories.  

I was working at Nine West minding my own business behind the cash register.  Two ladies brought their shoes to the counter, and I eagerly greeted them.  I always liked working the register because pressing buttons is fun.  I got straight to business opening the boxes to check the shoe sizes and to make sure there was a left and right shoe.  

As I’m checking the second pair of shoes, I hear Lady 1 say to her friend, “Maaan, that guuuurl got the smallest head I evah seen.”  Lady 2 looked at me and giggled. 

 “Hey, uh, I’m standing right here.  I can hear you.”  Lady 1 smiles.

 “Guuuurl, you seriously got the smallest head evaaah.  Maaaan.”

 She ruined me for years.


8 thoughts on “Life of a Pinhead

  1. Well, I have to admit that now I want to see a picture of you. No pressure. 🙂 But I am sympathetic since my two-year-old has a small head according to her doctor. We’ll see if it grows or just ends up getting her strange comments in public.

  2. Wow I can’t believe I’ve already been asked for a photo! haha I promised myself I would keep this as anonymous as possible. That being said, I can tell you that my small head is not usually the first thing people notice about me, it’s usually my height. I’m tall. And if they ever notice at all, it’s because I’m telling this story or their sunglass shopping with me.

    If anything, hopefully your daughter will have good stories

  3. I have a small head as well! I got it from my mother. Neither of us feel comfortable in hats, and she’s always giving me advice on how to make my hair as large as possible, what kinds of haircuts to get and how to pile it on top of my head. It’s all about the illusion.

  4. I have read like 5 posts of yours and I just can’t feel bored!
    Great job! Because I usually end up through half of the post checking how long the post is, and skip it. But I didn’t do that to any of your posts O.o
    Keep it up [:

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