My 1st Guest Post!

My 1st Guest PostLast week, I stumbled upon a great post on the blog I Thought This Would Be Easier.  In the post, Jamie outlined her five most epic falls.  The first fall happens due to her hatred of pants.  She was four years old running through the house with her arms laced through the legs of her underwear – penguin style.  You’ll need to read the post to find out what happens next but all I could think about while I read it was our common interest – a mutual hatred of pants. 

While Jamie learned her lesson at the age of four, I did not learn mine until the age of 13 during a car accident that turned into a comedic scene involving two teenagers – one of them being waaay under dressed, a parakeet, a black lab and a minivan.   Intrigued by my comment, Jamie asked me to tell the story in full via a guest post on her blog.  I was beyond flattered and could not wait to tell my story, which is featured on her blog today.

I consider this a big day!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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