The $5,000,000 Jackpot

As you’ve probably heard, the Mega Millions jackpot is the biggest ever.  I’m going to win.  I can feel it.

The statement above is exactly why I should not play the lottery.  I become delusional.  For every dollar I spend on a ticket, I have at least three days of the best day dreams.  I think of the first thing I’ll do, which is most likely pee my pants in excitement.  Then, I glaze past the important things like a financial advisor and lawyer to focus on the fun stuff like buying an awesome condo in the city followed by a beach house.  I think about how I will kick a fair shair of it to my parents and siblings so we can all live a luxurious life together. I will hire a personal trainer to get Jennifer Anniston’s body.  I also think about the ridiculous things I could do like shouting, “Hey bartender! I’m buying a round for the house!”  Queue cheering and applause

It surprises me when people hesitate to think about what they would do with millions of dollars.  I think about it so often that I’m concerned there’s too much I want to do and I’ll run out.  But that’s exactly why I love the question.  The answer tells you a lot about a person.

I met Rhett during a pub crawl.  The drinks were flowing, as was the conversation.  It seemed only natural to ask him my favorite question, “so what would you do if you won the lottery?”  He takes a long sip of his beer, smiles, and says “I would give it all away.  I’m not selfish.”  I choked on my beer…bullshit.  I was turned off by the answer but gave him the benefit of the doubt giving him my number.  He called me the next day.  We dated for a year, and what I learned during that year is the exact thing I learned with the first question; he was full of bullshit.

My girlfriends at work on the other hand have great dreams, like me, about winning the lottery.  After spending our entire lunch hour talking about our fantasies, we decided to put in five dollars a piece.  We’re each picking a set of numbers and the rest will be random.  I have fifteen chances to win on Friday.  The delusions have started. 

I am going to win.


One thought on “The $5,000,000 Jackpot

  1. I do the exact same thing every time I play the lottery. The disappointment upon not winning is just too much for me. I can’t play anymore, I can’t stand the pain!

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