The 16 year old me was no psychic.

I always thought I would be married with children by the time I turned thirty.  Clearly, I didn’t give myself much credit as a teenager.  The next sixteen years of my life was much more interesting than finding Mr. Right and settling down.   I’m not judging those who got married and started families early…wait, who am I kidding?  The judgment started as soon as I realized my ten year prophecy was not going to come true.   And while a part of me wished it had come true, I realized life is too short to dwell on things I don’t have.  Life had taken me on a different path; one that would lead me to self-discovery, drunken nights, best friends, belly laughs, how to survive a week with only $10, first and last dates, vacations, happiness and finally one day, love.

My freshman year of high school, I was required to create a time capsule that I would open the day I graduated.  It consisted of friend books, letters from family, essays and a self-prophecy.  The latter asked me to write where I wanted to be in ten years.  It didn’t take me long to plan out my life.  I was getting the hell out of my small town and going far away for college.  There, I would study biology leading me to a career in optometry (I’ve always been blind as a bat so it seemed like a logical profession).  While at college, I would meet my future husband.  His proposal would come post-graduation and we would be married by twenty-five.   The only thing I wasn’t sure of is what city I would eventually call home.

I was right about one thing in my prophecy – college.  I went a ten hour car ride away to a small, liberal arts school in the Midwest.  It was perfect.  I did not know a single person.  As my parents drove away on that first day, I told myself, this is my moment to shine.  And I did.  I made great friends, had an absolute blast, made mediocre grades and quickly realized that I was much more suited for a life in marketing.  Biology would have never worked with my lifestyle of late nights and beer. 

I didn’t meet my husband in college but I did meet lots of boys that have influenced my outlook on life and relationships.  However, we’ll save those stories for later. 

After college, I moved to one of arguably the best cities in America – Chicago.  And that is where I have been ever since.  The last eight years have been quite a ride especially since I recently moved out to the suburbs AND turned thirty.   I have so many stories to tell you about how I’ve gotten here today.  Some are funny, some are sad, some are ridiculous and some will be just my everyday life as it is today.

I am an amateur writer that might seem much more entertaining if you read with a glass of wine.  So pour some Pinot and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The 16 year old me was no psychic.

  1. When I was 16- and of course knew everything- I had similar plans… I was going to leave my small town in the dust, go to a large university! Date a hot guy on the (insert sports team here), become a nurse, and wait for it- be a homeowner by 25! HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG- I was so delusional it hurts!

    I DID leave my small town only AFTER going to a CC (community College for 2 years) because in my master plan I didn’t calculate cost, I didn’t date anyone on ANY sports team- but I did manage to get my heart shattered to smithereen’s on many occasion and as for being a homeowner! Puleeze- I ruined my credit the minute I left my parents house… Sad day! {If we knew then what we know now huh?}

    [and as a jab that I can’t help but make- and might get backlash for- when I was 16 the pregnant girls in my school were sent next door to a charter school – NOT getting reality shows… Sorry couldn’t help it] as you were!

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